Capture Every Moment with Post Production Video

Event Pro Inc. has always offered the option for recording documentation of events that utilize camera support (the buzz term for camera support providing on screen images is: “I-mag”, short for image magnification). Besides using the content from the show cameras, remote video recording services are now available utilizing the Black Magic Ursa mini remote camera.    

We also provide excellent digital AUDIO recording for concerts and events, plus recording “mix down” services.  
“What’s New”, is our capability for complete video editing and production of stunning videos. Services can include - producing pre-event video segments for program use - on event site remote video segments - and event documentation for any purpose. 

These videos are post-production examples done in collaboration with ARC Greater Twin Cities for their 10th Anniversary Gala. In additional to producing and editing these videos we also bought the event to life with image projection during the program and video mapping for the DJ booth. Read More »