Cutting Edge Tech at the 10th Anniversary Arc Gala

Event Pro, has been providing Audio Visual support and production direction for the ARC Greater Twin Cities annual fund raising gala for over ten years. This year, DJs were slated to perform onstage with a seamless transition from the ARC program to the DJ performance toward the end of the event.  The team at Event Pro felt the DJ table set up on the stage was in much need of some disguise. 

A simple, yet artistic white 3 section set piece was designed to cover the table and provide a canvas for Event Pro's video mapping. As the table was in place on stage during the program, the ARC logo designed for this event was projected on to the set piece from a flown front projector, creating a usable showcase piece, hiding the DJ table.  

As the DJs and MCs started their performance, different content was then projected onto the set. Artistic design patterns made up the main projection content. Music videos from the DJs and the live camera shots of the event were also routed to the set piece creating a great extra focal point for the event. 

Although this mapping project was easier than a lot of the video mapping Event Pro has done, the piece saved the day providing a usable addition to the program and a great highlight for the DJs performance.  Learn more about video mapping and how it can bring your event to the next level.

In addition to our video mapping services, Event Pro was proud to offer post-production video services for the ARC Gala. In collaboration with the client, we produced several post event videos showcasing the evening. Read More »