In-depth Pre-event Planning at Park Nicollet Foundation Gala

Aspects of Successful Events

Concerts and events, on many occasions, come with timing constraints for production setup and teardown parameters. Part of “what we do“ at Event Pro, Inc. involves in-depth pre-event planning for the execution of an event theme, experience, or performance—especially when setup and rehearsal time is at a premium. Sometimes just minutes are available to rehearse a program segment before the live event.  

We concentrate on the two aspects make these events successful. Creating a detailed time line prior to event with consideration to all is a must. Then, having “can do” technicians on the event adapting to challenges on the fly ensures that pre-planning is carried out and the event is a success story. At Event Pro, we are fortunate to work with great partners that embrace the value of detailed time lines and considering the what ifs when producing any event.

Park Nicollet Foundation Gala Technical Production

Event Pro, Inc. was once again chosen to provide technical production services for the Park Nicollet Foundation annual gala in Minneapolis, MN. Event producers Coleman Mason Events provided creative and artistic content for the event along with total event management. For the 2017 event held at the Downtown Hilton Ballroom, one of the highlights was an artistic piece designed by Coleman Mason team member Ryan Lance. Featured was The Voice star, Cat Perkins, performing Sia’s “Diamonds”. Dancer Nia DeNio provided artistic visuals. Event Pro. was tasked with visual and audio production for the piece.

As in many events, this was an “all in one” day setup. Considering production timing, simple yet stunning lighting support was required for this portion of the event. With the correct pre-show selection of intelligent lighting instruments and the Road Hog 4 lighting console, we were able to create the perfect lighting program during a brief afternoon rehearsal.

The Park Nicollet Foundation was very pleased with the results and the audience was amazed. Our hats go off to Coleman Mason Events, a producer with great pre-production planning vision and the ability to work with us to overcome all the challenges that come up on event day.