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What We Do

Since two people sat together around the first campfire—events, festivals and meetings have been a cornerstone of civilization and social interaction. Whether people are coming together in celebration, to exchange information or share ideas, to rally for a cause, or just to relax under the open sky with some good music—creating a memorable technical experience takes planning, communication, attention to details, logistics, management, and creativity.

Sound Quality and Clarity We Live By

One of the largest complaints we hear from clients who have past event experience with other vendors is that the guests in the back can't hear the speakers and the guests in the front can't hear anything but the speakers. Event Pro goes the extra mile to ensure that the sound quality and clarity is as great in the back row as it is in the front row and that its comfortable and enjoyable for all.

In fact, you don't even need to have front and back rows. Event Pro has traveled with the band, set up on the festival grounds, and camped out by the lake. We've run top quality sound and video in nearly every scenario you can think of.

The passion we have for great sound extends to video as well. With our digital soundboard networking, you can rest assured that both sound and imagery are running hand-in-hand with the utmost quality and clarity.

Event Pro is The Top Choice For All Your Technical Needs

Large modern events often involve lots of technical aspects, strict timelines, complicated spaces and acoustics, and a knack for juggling everything down to the smallest detail. As your single point-of-contact, we will make your event's audio/visual experience as easy as possible.


Whoever or wherever you are, Event Pro should be your top choice for technical production and event services. We specialize in:

  • Super Bowl Events
  • Concerts
  • Music festivals
  • Corporate Rallies & Events
  • Celebrations & Private Parties
  • Casino Events
  • Races
  • Corporate Picnics
  • School Graduations
  • Fireworks Shows
  • Non-profit Fundraisers
  • Theater Events
  • Civic Events

Audio Visual Experiences


Technical Event Production Made Easy

Specializing in Audio Visual Coordination

Above all else, Event Pro specializes in audio visual coordination, logistics, and support. We have decades of actual event experience and know-how. That means there is no storm we have not already weathered nor cannot handle. From corporate events to private parties - we have seen and done it all.

High-Tech Unforgettable Experiences

We are known for hi-tech, unforgettable experiences but the greatest thing we provide is peace of mind. We’ve been through it all and when you partner with us, you can rest assured that we will take care of everything.

See some of what we've done.


Video Mapping


Stunning Visual Event Experiences

Video mapping (also known as spatial augmented reality is the art of turning objects in stunning works of video art. Large companies such as Nokia, Samsung, Disney and BMW have used video projections to create campaigns for their products in major cities across the world. Artists and DJs use video mapping as a means of creative expression—believing that it can enhance static audio, drawing or painting experiences.

Unique Video Art on Uncommon Spaces

Event Pro video mapping can turn buildings, stages or custom-built complex shapes into a unique palette for any video. By using specialized software we can create stunning video murals, life-like optical illusions, or even make a TIE fighter fly. We combine this unique projection method with stunning audio to tell bring your event narrative to life and craft lasting experiences in never-before-seen ways.


Event Production Tools


The Best Event Production Tools for the Best Value

Audio Visual Equipment Rental

We pride ourself on providing only the highest-quality, cutting-edge equipment and service for the best value. All of our event production tools are lovingly maintained and cared-for—and many are available for rent. Whether you need a microphone, lighting, or a stadium quality sound system—we’ve got you covered and we've got the service staff to make sure setup, operation, and take down go as smoothly as possible.

Technical Consultation & Services

We don't just stop at the tools - because we care, we’ll make sure that what you think you need is actually what you need—and that you are fully comfortable with what it does and how it works. Our expert technicians are there for all your service needs so when you get tools from us, you know you're in good hands and someone will be with you every step of the way.

Some of the Event Production Tools We Offer

This is a sampling of the event production tools we have available. If you don't see what you need, contact us and ask. Our outstanding history as a premier sound company has lead to outstanding relationships with top vendors—such as Yamaha. If we don't have it on hand, we can most likely get it.


Audio Equipment

Line Array Speakers

  • Db Technologies DVA T-4 Line array (extremely light weight) 
  • D&B Q-1 Line array


  • D&B Q-1subwoofers
  • D&B Q- subwoofers 
  • EV 118 subwoofers
  • EV powered 18 subwoofers

Multi-Purpose and Stage Monitor Speakers

  • D&B M-6 stage monitor / speaker 
  • JBL – 412/ 415 stage monitor / speaker 
  • Martin Audio WT-2 speakers
  • EV ZLX powered speakers 
  • D&B Q10 speakers

Mixing Consoles and Support Items

  • Yamaha CL-5 consoles (our favorites ) 
  • Yamaha Rio Racks with switching 
  • Yamaha M-7 
  • Berhinger X-32s with digital stage boxes 
  • QSC touch mix 16 
  • Digico SD-9 
  • 32/40/48 channel 2 and 3 way splitters 
  • Asus dual band Routers for iPad 


Video Equipment

  • Barco HDX W-20 projectors
  • Barco 12 K projectors 
  • Barco Folsom Image Pro I, II, II jr
  • Ross Carbonite HD switcher
  • Ross Crossover Hd switcher 
  • Iligami 77EC HD caneras
  • 55x,66x,70x Camera Lenses
  • More upon request...

Event Lighting Tools

  • Road Hog 4 console
  • Grand Ma2 console
  • Chauvet Maverick MK2 spots 
  • Chauvet Rogue R1FXB 
  • Chauvet Rogue R2 beam
  • Chauvet Freedom Par Tri-6
  • Ovation E910 FC LED leckos
  • CK IntelliWhite Blast 12
  • Chauvet Hex7 par
  • ADJ WI FLYI battery/wireless  LEDs
  • ETC SRC4 conventional fixtures

Other Production Support Tools

Apex Mobile Stages

  • Standard decking staging 
  • Quality Power generators – diesel , propane powered 
  • Yamaha portable gas generators
  • Applied L-16 lifts 
  • Applied Electronics,  LEX brands – 3 phase A/C power distros 
  • 3 phase feeder cable 1 OT / # 1 size 
  • CM Prostar “single phase” ½ ton motors

Contact us for a full list of available production tools & audio visual equipment.